Front cover image for The biogeochemistry of the Amazon Basin

The biogeochemistry of the Amazon Basin

Print Book, English, 2001
Oxford University Press, New York, 2001
xi, 365 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm
9780195114317, 0195114310
The relevance of biogeochemistry to Amazon development and conservation / Michael McClain
General characteristics and variability of climate in the Amazon basin and its links to the global climate system / Jose A. Marengo & Carlos A. Nobre
The atmospheric component of biogeochemical cycles in the Amazon basin / Paulo Artaxo
Soil versus biological controls on nutrient cycling in terra firme forests / Elvira Cuevas
Nutrient cycling as a function of landscape and biotic characteristics in the cerrados of Central Brazil / M. Haridasan
Linking biogeochemical cycles to cattle pasture management and sustainability in the Amzaon basin / Moacyr B. Dias-Filho, Eric A. Davidson & Claudio J. Reis de Carvalho
Nutrient considerations in the use of silviculture for land development and rehabilitation in the Amazon / Florencia Montagnini
Extractive reserves and participatory research as factors in the biogeochemistry of the Amazon basin / Foster Brown, Karen Kainer & Eufran do Amaral
The recovery of biomass, nutrient stocks, and deep-soil functions in secondary forests / Daniel Nepstad, Paulo R.S. Moutinho & Daniel Markewitz
The interface between economics and nutrient cycling in Amazon land development / Carl F. Jordan
Carbon storage in biomass and soils / Martial Bernoux [and others]
Terrestrial inputs to Amazon streams and internal biogeochemical processing / Michael E. McClain & Helmut Elsenbeer
Geo-ecological controls on elemental fluxes in communities of higher plants in Amazonian floodplains / Maria Tereza F. Piedade, Martin Worbes & Wolfgang J. Junk
Biogeochemistry of Amazon floodplain lakes and associated wetlands / John M. Melack & Bruce R. Forsberg
Organic matter and nutrients in the mainstem Amazon River / Allan H. Devol & John I. Hedges
Trace elements in the mainstem Amazon River / Patrick T. Seyler & Gerald R. Boaventura
Biogeochemical processes on the Amazon shelf: changes in dissolved and particulate fluxes during river/ocean mixing / David J. DeMaster & Robert C. Aller