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Feminism and pornography

"Feminism and Pornography seeks to expand the parameters of the debate on pornography. This collection of essays offers an understanding of what pornography means to those who consume it, fight against it, work within it, and to those engaged in changing its meaning. It presents divergent points of view to address the complexity of sexual material and, by discussing the relationship between imperialism, the exotic, and the pornographic, the collection moves away from Eurocentric perspectives on pornography."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2000
Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, ©2000
xvi, 671 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9780198782506, 0198782500
Introduction / Drucilla Cornell
Against the male flood: censorship, pornography, and equality / Andrea Dworkin
Pornography and grief / Andrea Dworkin
Pornography is a social justice issue / Norma Ramos
Pornography and rape: a causal model / Diana E.H. Russell
Only words / Catharine A. MacKinnon
Pornography: an exchange / Catharine A. MacKinnon, Ronald Dworkin
The roar on the other side of silence / Catharine A. MacKinnon
Suffering and speech / Andrea Dworkin
Not a moral issue / Catharine A. MacKinnon
The mirror of pornography / Wendy Brown
The 2 Live Crew controversy / Kimberle Crenshaw
On the question of pornography and sexual violence: moving beyond cause and effect / Deborah Cameron and Elizabeth Frazer
The politics of postmodern feminism: lessons from anti-pornography campaign / Mary Joe Frug
'It's merely designed for sexual arousal': interrogating the indefensibility of lesbian smut / Becki L. Ross
Avoiding constitutional depression: bad attitudes and the fate of Butler / Ann Scales
On prostitution: two broadsheets and a statement / Movimento Femminista Romano
Obscenity and the origins of modernity, 1500-1800 / Lynn Hunt
The colonial harem: images of a suberoticism / Malek Alloula
Erotic autonomy as a politics of decolonization: an anatomy of feminist and state practice in the Bahamas tourist economy / M. Jacqui Alexander
The sexual exploitation of women and girls: a violation of human rights / Dorchen A. Leidholdt
Looking for women's rights in the rainbow: pornography, censorship, and the 'new' South Africa / Lliane Loots
Tambien somos mujeres: we are women too
Cuban prostitutes after the revolution / Victoria Ortiz
Seducing women into 'a lifestyle of vaginal fisting': lesbian sex gets virtually dangerous / Amber Hollibaugh
Just looking for trouble: Robert Mapplethorpe and fantasies of race / Kobena Mercer
Good girls look the other way / Bell Hooks
The force of fantasy: feminism, Mapplethorpe, and discursive excess / Judith Butler
'Love me, Master, love me, Son': a cultural Other pornographically constructed in time / Rey Chow
Polemical preface: pornography in the service of women / Angela Carter
Porn in the USA / Candida Royalle
Pornography's temptation / Drucilla Cornell
Uses of the erotic: the erotic as power / Audre Lorde
Lovers and workers: screening the body in post-Communist Hungarian cinema / Catherine Portuges
What we're rollin around in bed with: sexual silences in feminism / Amber Hollibaugh and Cherríe Moraga
Porn / Alice Walker
A little Hungarian pornography / Péter Esterházy
Newsletter: sexual workers from AMSS introduce a demand platform / Association of Women 'Flowers of Stone'
Prostitution in Latin America and the Caribbean / Zoraida Ramirez Rodriguez
From research to action / Foundation for Women in Thailand
Editing pornography / Isabelle V. Barker