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Moving beyond academic discourse : composition studies and the public sphere

"After first providing a historical context that situates composition's recent interest in public writing, Weisser examines recent theories in composition studies that consider writing an act of social engagement before outlining a more complex theory of the public based on the work of Jurgen Habermas. The concluding holistic vision addresses the lasting importance of public writing instruction. This book does what no other book has attempted to do: place the most current, cutting-edge theories and pedagogies in rhetoric and composition in their intellectual and historical contexts, while at the same time offering a unique, practical theory of public writing for use both inside and outside of the classroom."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2002
Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale, ©2002
xiv, 145 pages ; 23 cm
9780809324163, 0809324164
Foreword: Public Discourse and the Future of Composition Pedagogyix
Gary A. Olson
Preface: Public Writing in Contextxi
The Growth of a Discipline
Student-Centered Approaches to Writing Instruction
Radical Approaches to Composition
The Writing Classroom as a Political and Public Sphere
Social Theory, Discourse, and the Public Shpere
New Perspectives on Civic Space
Rethinking Public Writing
Discourse, Civic Life, and Composition Studies
Activism in the Academy
The Compositionist as Public Intellectual
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