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Putting development first : the importance of policy space in the WTO and IFIs

Some of the world's most prominent development thinkers here address the question: to what extent are the rules and economic forces that govern the global economy shrinking the 'policy space' that developing countries can draw from in order to construct policies to raise the standards of living of their people? They then analyse the possibly considerable room for manoeuvre that developing countries still have at their disposal despite global macro-economic realities, IMF/World Bank policies, and the trade rules regime of the World Trade Organization. Finally, the authors suggest actual policies that could be put in place in order to preserve existing spaces for development and to expand the tools developing countries can deploy.
Print Book, English, 2005
Zed Books ; Distributed in the USA exclusively by Palgrave Macmillan, London, New York, 2005
x, 301 pages ; 25 cm
9781842776346, 9781842776353, 1842776347, 1842776355
Globalization and the nation-state: reasserting policy autonomy for development / Kevin P. Gallagher
Development policies in a world of globalization / Joseph E. Stiglitz
Rethinking industrial strategy: the role of the state in the face of globalization / Sanjaya Lall
Toward the optiumum degree of openness / Amit Bhaduri
What strategies are viable for developing countries today? The world trade organization and the shrinking of "development space" / Robert Hunter Wade
Kicking away the ladder: "good policies" and "good institutions" in historical perspective / Ha-Joon Chang
The TRIPS agreement and transfer of technology / Carlos M. Correa
Will investment rules shrink policy space for sustainable development? Evidence from the electricity sector / Albert H. Cho, Navroz K. Dubash
Performance requirements as tools of development policy: lessons from developed and developing countries / Nagesh Kumar
Neoliberalism as a political opportunity: constraint and innovation in contempoirary development strategy / Peter Evans
Promoting industry under WTO law / Alice H. Amsden
Special and differential treatment: the multilateral trading system and economic development in the Twenty-first century / Ajit Singh