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Racetalk : racism hiding in plain sight

Print Book, English, ©2005
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Md., ©2005
ix, 299 pages ; 24 cm
9780742535336, 9780742535343, 0742535339, 0742535347
Hiding in plain sight : racetalk, the language of racism
pt. 1. The foundations of this study
Revealing racetalk
Racetalk as reproducing racism : a theoretical toolbox
pt. 2. The structures
The structure of signification : whiteness
The structure of signification : blackness
The structure of signification : brownness
The structure of domination : surveillance and the policing of boundaries
The structure of legitimation : accounting for racetalk
pt. 3. The actors
Bridging boundaries : counterhegemonic practices
The accidental antiracist : research as a tool for raising consciousness
pt. 4. The consequences
Dialectics revisited : racetalk and the racial regime
Praxis : in search of a balm