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The Columbia guide to American environmental history

Merchant (environmental history, philosophy, and ethics, U. of California, Berkeley) wrote the important The Death of Nature, a history of culture's centuries old assault and battery of nature, and is president of the American Society for Environmental History. She begins her book with an essay that covers the period 1000-1875 (when Europeans encountered Native Americans) and ends with what Merchant perhaps too optimistically deems The Era of Environmentalism, 1940-2000. Her 200-page historical essay is followed by several appendices: a dictionary or concise encyclopedia of agencies, concepts, laws, and people; a chronology beginning 13,000 years ago and ending in 2000; a list of film and video resources; electronic resources; and a bibliographic essay and gargantuan bibliography organized according to subject. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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