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Female & male voices in early modern England : an anthology of Renaissance writing

A new anthology of Renaissance writing, which equally represents men and women authors, designed to encourage students to be more aware of gender as a significant category of thought and perception.
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Columbia University Press, New York, ©2000
English literature Women authors
xvi, 411 pages ; 24 cm
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Domestic Affairs
Margaret Lucas Cavendish, duchess of Newcastle and Richard Brathwait
Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton, countess of Bridgewater and Ben Jonson
Mary Sidney Herbert, countess of Pembroke and Henry Vaughan
Amelia Bassano Lanyer and Henry Howard, earl of Surrey
Elizabeth Stafford Howard, duchess of Norfolk and Henry Stafford, baron Stafford
Rachel Wriothesley Vaughan Russell and Henry King
Jane Sharp and John Sadler
Rachel Speght and Richard Hyrde
Elizabeth Talbot Grey, countess of Kent and Hugh Platt
Sarah Chevers, Katherine Evans and William Weston
Anne Vaughan Lock [Dering, Prowse] and Henry Lock
Elizabeth Melville Colville of Culross and Thomas Sackville
A medley of Christian religious poetry
Anne Collins
Anne Dudley Bradstreet
Dame Gertrude More
Gertrude Aston Thimelby
Henry Colman
John Collop
Henry Constable
Jane Ward Lead
John Milton
The Jewish question in early modern England
Sara Ames Lopez
Anne Lopez alias Pinto de Britto
Johanna and Ebenezer Cartwright
menasseh Ben Israel
Margaret Fell Foxe
George Herbert
Political Life and Social Structures
Mary Tudor Brandon, dowager of France and Thomas Howard, duke of Norfolk
Margaret Douglas [Stuart], countess of Lennox and Thomas Howard
Divers well-affected women and John Taylor
Margaret Tyler and Daniel Tuvil
Diana Primrose and William Shakespeare
Anne Edgecumbe Dowriche and Christopher Marlowe
Mary Fage and Francis Lenton
Eleanor Audley Davies [Douglas] and A 'digger' follower of Gerrard Winstanley
Elizabeth Sawyer, Henry Goodcole, Thomas Dekker, John Ford, and William Rowley
Mary White Rowlandson, Thomas Hariot, Michael Drayton and Robert Hayman
Love and Sexuality
aMary Sidney Wroth, Robert Sidney and Philip Sidney
Katherine Fowler Philips, Richard Barnfield, and William Shakespeare
Isabella Whitney, Edmund Spenser, Thomas Campion, and John Donne
Mary Sidney Wroth and Philip Sidney
Mary Moders Carleton, Thomas Whythorne and Robert Spencer