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Contending liberalisms in world politics : ideology and power

"This critique of current endeavors to construct a world order based on neoliberal ideology comes not from a standpoint opposed to liberalism, but from within liberalism itself." "After introducing the theme of contending liberalisms, Richardson traces the emergence over time of a distinctive liberal view of international relations and reviews the present state of liberal IR theory. He then turns to neoliberal ideology, examining it in detail - particularly in the context of globalization - and investigating the powerful forces that support and sustain it. His conclusion, offering modest grounds for optimism, assesses the prospects for an alternative, more equitable liberal order."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2001
L. Rienner, Boulder, Colo., 2001
viii, 239 pages ; 24 cm
9781555879150, 9781555879396, 1555879152, 155587939X
1. Introduction
2. Theoretical Orientation
3. Contending Liberalisms
4. Liberalism in International Relations
5. Neoliberalism in Practice
6. Forces Sustaining Neoliberal Ideology
7. The Search for Alternatives: Forces for Change
8. Conclusion