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Hearing cultures : essays on sound, listening, and modernity

Hearing Cultures is an examination of the elusive, often evocative, and sometimes cacophonous auditory sense. It answers such intriguing questions as: Did people in Shakespeare's time hear differently from us? In what way does technology affect our ears? Why do people in Egypt increasingly listen to taped religious sermons? Why did Enlightenment doctors believe that music was an essential cure? What happens acoustically in cross-cultural first encounters? The ear, as much as the eye, nose, mouth and hand, defines experience. This book shows how sound offers a new lens through which to examine culture and complex social issues
Print Book, English, 2004
Berg, Oxford, 2004
Conference papers and proceedings
ix, 239 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9781859738238, 9781859738283, 1859738230, 1859738281
But what of the ethnographic ear? : anthropology, sound and the senses / Veit Erlmann
Listening to the wild blue yonder : the challenges of acoustic ecology / Bruce R. Smith
Ambiguous traces, mishearing, and auditory space / Paul Carter
Language and nature in sound alignment / Janis B. Nuckolls
Raising spirits and restoring souls : early modern medical explanations for music's effects / Penelope Gouk
Ether ore : mining vibrations in American modernist music / Douglas Kahn
Hearing modernity : Egypt, Islam, and the pious ear / Charles Hirschkind
Edison's teeth : touching hearing / Steven Connor
Thinking about sound, proximity, and distance in Western experience : the case of Odysseus's Walkman / Michael Bull
Wiring the world : acoustical engineers and the empire of sound in the motion picture industry, 1927-1930 / Emily Thompson
Papers presented at the 2002 Wenner-Gren Symposium, held in Oaxaca, Mexico