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Imprisoned intellectuals : America's political prisoners write on life, liberation, and rebellion

Joy James
"This volume is based on the conviction -- disturbing to many -- that the United States and its governing institutions, not just its penal sites rife with human rights abuses, need to be transformed. Here, activists incarcerated for deeds criminalized by the United States appeal to the U.S. Constitution, international law, morality, and religious faith to transform life on both sides of the razor wire. Insights into insurrection, rebellion, and liberation require that we engage with their works, both their contributions and contradictions. Refusing to position imprisoned intellectuals as icons, this collection presents them as gateways to avenues that bypass a pantheon in a difficult journey toward liberation movements"-- Preface, page xiv
Print Book, English, ©2003
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Md., ©2003
xviii, 373 pages ; 23 cm
9780742520264, 9780742520271, 0742520269, 0742520277
Chapter 1 Prologue: "A New Declaration of Independence" Chapter 3 Introduction Part 4 I. Black Liberationists Chapter 5 1. "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapter 6 2. "The Ballot or the Bullet" Malcolm X Chapter 7 3. "Political Prisoners, Prisons, and Black Liberation" Angela Y. Davis Chapter 8 4. "Prison, Where is Thy Victory" Huey P. Newton Chapter 9 5. "Towards the United Front" George Jackson Chapter 10 6. "COINTELPRO and the Destruction of Black Leaders and Organizations" (Abridged) Dhoruba bin Wahad Chapter 11 7. "On the Black Liberation Army" (Abridged) Jalil Muntaquim Chapter 12 8. "July 4th Address" Assata Shakur Chapter 13 9. "Coming of Age: A Black Revolutionary" Safiya Bukhari Chapter 14 10. "An Updated History of the New Afrikan Prison Struggle" (Abridged) Sundiata Acoli Chapter 15 11. "Anarchism and the Black Revolution" (Abridged) Lorenzo Komboa Ervin Chapter 16 12. "Intellectuals and the Gallows" Mumia Abu-Jamal Part 17 II. Internationalists and Anti-Imperialists Chapter 18 13. "Genocide Waged Against the Black Nation" Mutulu Shakur, Anthony Bradshaw, Malik Dinguswa, Terry D. Long, Mark Cook, Adolfo Matos, and James Haskins Chapter 19 14. "The Struggle for Status Under International Law" Marilyn Buck Chapter 20 15. "White North American Political Prisoners" Rita Bo Brown Chapter 21 16. "On Trial" (Abridged) Raymond Luc Levasseur Chapter 22 17. "Letter to the Weathermen" Daniel J. Berrigan, S.J. Chapter 23 18. "Maternal Convictions: A Mother Beats a Missile into a Plowshare" (Abridged) Michele Naar-Obed Chapter 24 19. "Dykes and Fags Want to Know: Interview with Lesbian Political Prisoners" (with QUISP)" Linda Evans, Susan Rosenberg, and Laura Whitehorn Chapter 25 20. "This Is Enough!" Jose Solis Jordan Chapter 26 21. "Art of Liberation: A Vision of Freedom" Elizam Escobar Chapter 27 22. "Violence and the State" Standing Deer Chapter 28 23. "Inipi: Sweat Lodge" Leonard Peltier Chapter 29 Epilogue: "Incommunicado: Dispatches From a Political Prisoner" A Poem by Marilyn Buck Chapter 30 Appendix: Internet Sites