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The essential Wayne Booth

Wayne C. Booth, Walter Jost (Editor, Writer of introduction)
"While Wayne Booth's work has been essential to the study of literature, his essential writings have never before been collected in a single volume - until now. Selected by Walter Jost in collaboration with Booth himself, the texts anthologized here present a picture of this indispensable critic's contributions to literary and rhetorical studies. The selections range from memorable readings of Macbeth, Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Henry James to engagements with Booth's intellectual heroes, such as Richard McKeon and Mikhail Bakhtin. But rhetoric, Booth's abiding concern as a critic and thinker, provides the organizing principle of the anthology
Print Book, English, 2006
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2006
Criticism, interpretation, etc
vi, 375 pages ; 24 cm
9780226065922, 0226065928
Macbeth as tragic hero
Control of distance in Jane Austen's Emma
The rhetorical stance
The revival of rhetoric
Metaphor as rhetoric: the problem of evaluation (with ten literal "theses")
The empire of irony
Richard McKeon's pluralism: the path between dogmatism and relativism
How Bakhtin woke me up
"The way I loved George Eliot": friendship with books as a neglected critical metaphor
On relocating ethical criticism
The ethics of forms: taking flight with The wings of the dove
The ethics of teaching literature
"Of the standard of moral taste": literary criticism as moral inquiry
Rhetoric, science, religion
The idea of a university
as seen by a rhetorician
For the love of it: spending, wasting, and redeeming time
Coda: mere rhetoric, rhetorology, and the search for a common learning