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Foundations of biogeography : classic papers with commentaries

Print Book, English, 2004
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2004
xx, 1291 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
9780226492360, 9780226492377, 0226492362, 0226492370
Part 1. Early classics / John C. Briggs, Christopher J. Humphries. Excerpts from Dissertation II, on the increase of the habitable earth / Carolus Linnaeus (1781) ; Excerpts from Natural history, general and particular / Georges-Louis Leclerc, Compte de Buffon (1761) ; Excerpts from Observations made during a voyage round the world, on physical geography, natural history and ethic philosophy / Johann Reinhold Forster (1778) ; Excerpt from Essai élémentaire de géographie botanique / Augustin de Candolle (1820) ; Excerpt from Essay on the geography of plants / Alexander von Humboldt (1805) ; Excerpts from Report on the Mollusca and Radiata of the Aegean Sea, and on their distribution, considered as bearing on geology / Edward Forbes (1844) ; On an isothermal oceanic chart, illustrating the geographical distribution of marine animals / James Dwight Dana (1853) ; Excerpt from The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the years 1839-1843 / Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (1853) ; On the general geographical distribution of the members of the class Aves / Philip Lutley Sclater (1858) ; Excerpt from Darwiniana : essays and reviews pertaining to Darwinism / Asa Gray (1876) ; Excerpts from On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life / Charles Darwin (1859) ; Excerpt from The geographical distribution of animals / Alfred Russel Wallace (1876) ; Excerpt from The history of creation, or the development of the earth and its inhabitants by the action of natural causes / Ernst Haeckel (1876) ; The history of the Neotropical region / Hermann von Ihering (1900) ; Excerpt from Results of a biological survey of the San Francisco Mountain region and desert of the Little Colorado, Arizona / Clinton Hart Merriam (1890). Excerpt from Climate and evolution / William Diller Matthew (1915). Excerpt from Zoogeography of the sea / Sven Ekman (1953). Excerpt from An introduction to historical plant geography / Evgenii Vladimirovitch Wulff (1943)
Part 2. Earth history, vicariance, and dispersal / Paul S. Giller, Alan A. Myers and Brett R. Riddle. Excerpt from The origin of continents and oceans / Alfred Wegener (1924). Excerpt from Transantarctic relationships and their significance, as evidenced by chironomid midges / Lars Brundin (1966). The biota of long-distance dispersal, I : Principles of dispersal and evolution / Sherwin Carlquist (1966). Mammals and land bridges / George Gaylord Simpson (1940). The bearing of certain palaeozoogeographic data on continental drift / Anthony Hallam (1967). Excerpt from Biogeography of the southern end of the world / Philip J. Darlington Jr. (1965). Mammalian evolution and the great American interchange / Larry G. Marshall [and others] (1982). One hundred years of Suez Canal ; a century of Lessepsian migration : retrospects and viewpoints / Francis Dov Por (1971)
Part 3. Species ranges / Robert Hengeveld, Paul S. Giller and Brett R. Riddle. The role of the "accidental" / Joseph Grinnell (1922). Excerpts from Outline of the history of Arctic and boreal biota during the Quarternary Period / Eric Hultén (1937) ; Excerpt from An introduction to historical plant geography / Evgenii Vladimirovitch Wulff (1943).Two approaches to zoogeography : a study based on the distribution of butterflies, birds and bats in the Indo-Australian area / Jeremy D. Holloway and Nicholas Jardine (1968). Excerpt from The ecology of invasions by animals and plants / Charles S. Elton (1958). Why mountain passes are higher in the tropics / Daniel H. Janzen (1967). Late Pleistocene history of coniferous woodland in the Mohave Desert / Philip V. Wells and Rainer Berger (1967). The late Quaternary vegetational history of the equatorial mountains / John R. Flenley (1979). The discovery of America / Paul S. Martin (1973)
Part 4. Revolutions in historical biogeography / Vicki A. Funk. Excerpt from Transantarctic relationships and their significance, as evidenced by chironomid midges / Lars Brundin (1966). Excerpt from Phylogenetic systematics / Willi Hennig (1966). The problem of historical biogeography / Gareth J. Nelson (1969). Excerpt from Space, time, form : the biological synthesis / Leon Croizat (1962). Centers of origin and related concepts / Leon Croizat, Gareth J. Nelson and Donn Eric Rosen (1974). Historical biogeography : an alternative formalization / Gareth J. Nelson (1974). A method of analysis for historical biogeography / Norman I. Platnick and Gareth J. Nelson (1978). Vicariant patterns and historical explanation in biogeography / Donn E. Rosen (1978)
Part 5. Diversification / Lawrence R. Heaney and Geerat Vermeij. Excerpt from Evolution above the species level / Bernard Rensch (1960). Excerpt from Systematics and the origin of species / Ernst Mayr (1942). Excerpts from Darwin's finches / David Lack (1947) ; Area, climate, and evolution / Philip J. Darlington Jr. (1959). Patterns of taxonomic and ecological structure of the shelf benthos during Phanerozoic time / James W. Valentine (1969). Taxonomic diversity during the Phanerozoic / David M. Raup (1972). Speciation in Amazonian forest birds / Jürgen Haffer (1969). Sympatric host race formation and speciation in frugivorous flies of the genus Rhagoletis (Diptera, Tephritidae) / Guy L. Bush (1969)
Part 6. The importance of islands / Robert J. Whittaker. Species and area / Olof Arrhenius (1921) ; Adaptive shift and dispersal in a tropical ant fauna / Edward O. Wilson (1959) ; An equilibrium theory of insular zoogeography / Robert H. MacArthur and Edward O. Wilson (1963) ; Experimental zoogeography of islands : a two-year record of colonization / Daniel S. Simberloff and Edward O. Wilson (1970) ; Mammals on mountaintops : nonequilibrium insular biogeography / James H. Brown (1971). Colonization of exploded volcanic islands by birds : the supertramp strategy / Jared M. Diamond (1974). The island dilemma : lessons of modern biogeographic studies for the design of natural reserves / Jared M. Diamond (1975). Fossil birds from the Hawaiian Islands : evidence for wholesale extinction by man before Western contact / Storrs L. Olson and Helen F. James (1982)
Part 7. Assembly rules / Nicholas J. Gotelli. Excerpt from zoogeography : the geographic distribution of animals / Philip J. Darlington Jr. (1957) ; Competition and the structure of ecological communities / Charles S. Elton (1946) ; The generic relations of species in small ecological communities / Carrington Bonsor Williams (1947) ; Gradient analysis of vegetation / Robert H. Whittaker (1967) ; Excerpts from Geographical ecology : patterns in the distributions of species / Robert H. MacArthur (1972) ; Excerpt from Assembly of species communities / Jared M. Diamond (1975) ; The assembly of species communities : chance or competition? / Edward F. Connor and Daniel S. Simberloff (1979)
Part 8. Gradients in species diversity : why are there so many species in the tropics? James H. Brown and Dov F. Sax. Evolution in the tropics / Theodosius Dobzhansky (1950) ; Latitudinal variations in organic diversity / Alfred G. Fischer (1960) ; Species density of North American Recent mammals / George Gaylord Simpson (1964) ; Latitudinal gradients in species diversity : a review of concepts / Eric R. Pianka (1966) ; Excerpts from Geographical ecology : patterns in the distribution of species / Robert H. MacArthur (1972) ; Vegetation of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona, V : Biomass, production and diversity along the elevation gradient / Robert H. Whittaker and William A. Niering (1975)
"Published in association with the International Biogeography Society and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (USA)."