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Extinction rates

This is a wide-ranging study of current and likely future species extinction rates, aimed at students and researchers in the environmental sciences. It highlights apparent differences in extinction rates among taxonomic groups and places, aiming to identify unresolved issues.
Print Book, English, 1995
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1995
xii, 233 p. : il. ; 24 cm
9780198548294, 019854829X
Assessing extinction rates / Robert M. May, John H. Lawton, Nigel E. Stork
Extinctions in the fossil record / David Jablonski
Constancy and change of life in the sea / J.B.C. Jackson
Insect faunas in ice age environments : why so little extinction? / G.R. Coope
Bird extinctions in the central Pacific / Stuart L. Pimm, Michael P. Moulton, Lenora J. Justice
Extinctions in Mediterranean areas / Werner Greuter
Recent past and future extinctions in birds / Colin J. Bibby
Rates and patterns of extinction among British invertebrates / J.A. Thomas, M.G. Morris
Assessing the risk of plant extinction due to pollinator and disperser failure / W.J. Bond
Population dynamic principles / John H. Lawton
Estimating extinction from molecular phylogenies / Sean Nee, Edward C. Holmes, Robert M. May, Paul H. Harvey
Biological models for monitoring species decline: the construction and use of databases / C.R. Margules, M.P. Austin
Classification of threatened species and its role in conservation planning / Georgina M. Mace
The scale of the human enterprise and biodiversity loss / Paul R. Ehrlich Tabla de contenido