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Beyondism religion from science

Print Book, English, 1987
Praeger, New York, 1987
x, 325 p. ; 25 cm
9780275924317, 0275924319
New Direction or Ancient Drift in the Ethical Guidance of Morality?<BR>
Where Do We Go for the Source of Moral Values?<BR>
Must Natural Selection Have Its Ultimate Action Among Groups, Not Individuals?<BR>
What Has Group Competition To Do With Ethics, Morality, and Progress?<BR>
Can We Quantify "Relative Survival" and Employ the Evidence in Evaluating and Evolving Higher Morality?<BR>
What Are the Properties of Biological and Cultural Evolution, and How Do They Interact?<BR>
How Are Interindividual Ethics and Selection To Be Adapted to Intergroup Selection for Survival?<BR>
The Six Targets of Ethical Responsibility: What lies beyond within groups and world values?<BR>
How Benign Is Nature, and How Does This Affect the Emotional Roots of Beyondist Ethics?<BR>
How Can the Verdicts of Probable Relative Survival of Groups Be Reached?<BR>
How Must Society Handle Individuality, Counter Cultures, Evolution, and Revolution?<BR>
Culturo-Genetic Disparities: What can be done with genetic and cultural lag?<BR>
What Parallelisms and Differences Exist Between the Emotional Life of Beyondism and the Revealed Religions?<BR>
What Are the Created Spiritual Values of Beyondism?<BR>
What Are the Implications for Genetic Social Policies: 1. As to goals?<BR>
What Are Beyondism's Implications for Genetic Social Action: II. As to mechanisms?<BR>
What Are Beyondism's Implications for Cultural Aims: I. As general goals?<BR>
What Are Beyondism's Cultural Implications: II. Regarding political, economic and other steps?<BR>
How Must Beyondism Organize?<BR>
A Concise Beyondist Catechism<BR>
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