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Deliberative democracy

Jon Elster
It is sometimes assumed that voting is the central mechanism for political decision-making. The contributors to this volume focus on an alternative mechanism, that is decision by discussion or deliberation. Rather than assuming that deliberative democracy is always ideal, the authors critically probe its limits and weaknesses as well as its strengths.
Print Book, English, 1998
Cambridge University, Cambridge, 1998
xi, 282 p. ; 24 cm.
9780521592963, 9780521596961, 0521592968, 0521596963
List of contributors; Preface and acknowledgement; Introduction Jon Elster; 1. 'Claro!': an essay on discursive machismo Diego Gambetta; 2. Deliberation as discussion James D. Fearon; 3. All men are liars: is democracy meaningless? Gerrie Mackie; 4. Deliberation and constitution making Jon Elster; 5. Pathologies of deliberation Susan C. Stokes; 6. Deliberation and ideological domination Adam Przeworski; 7. Arguing for deliberation: some skeptical considerations James Johnson; 8. Democracy and liberty Joshua Cohen; 9. Health-health trade-offs Cass R. Sunstein; 10. Full representation, deliberation and impartiality Roberto Gargarella; Index.