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Debating terrorism and counterterrorism : conflicting perspectives on causes, contexts, and responses

Stuart Gottlieb (Editor)
As a part of the Debating Politics series from CQ Press, this reader is different. Featuring paired pro/con pieces written specifically for this volume, Debating Terrorism encourages students to actively grapple with the central debates and questions surrounding the subject of terrorism and counterterrorism
eBook, English, 2014
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SAGE, Los Angeles, 2014
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Is the "new terrorism" really new? No : The "new terrorism" of al-Qaeda is not so new / Alexander Spencer
Yes : Al-Qaeda is an example of a "new terrorism" / Rohan Gunaratna
Does poverty serve as a root cause of terrorism? No : Poverty is a weak causal link / James A. Piazza
Yes : Poverty is an important cause / Karin von Hippel
Can terrorism ever be justified? No : Terrorist violence is never justified / Tamar Meisels
Yes : Terrorism is a just tool of the weak / Ted Honderich
Does Islam play a unique role in modern religious terrorism? Yes : Islam has a unique impact on modern terrorism / Andrew C. McCarthy
No : Islam itself is not the problem in the current wave of global terrorism / Fawaz A. Gerges
Is suicide terrorism an effective tactic? Yes : Suicide terrorism is a pragmatic choice / Gordon H. McCormick and Lindsay Fritz
No : Suicide terrorism rarely achieves its goals / Max Abrahms
Is nuclear terrorism a real threat? Yes : The threat is very real / Matthew Bunn
No : The threat is overblown / Susan B. Martin
Counterterrorism strategies : do we need bombs over bridges? No : There is a need to focus more on building bridges / Brigitte L. Nacos
Yes : More creative military strategies are needed / Michael Rubin
Can spreading democracy help defeat terrorism? No : Democracy promotion is problematic as a counterterrorism priority / F. Gregory Gause III
Yes : Promoting democracy can combat terrorism / Jennifer L. Windsor
Can the United Nations make a difference in fighting terrorism? No : The UN is limited in its ability to play a role / Zachary C. Shirkey
Yes : The UN has vital roles to play in countering terrorism / Eric Rosand
Is an outright ban the best way to eliminate or constrain torture? Yes : Torture violates U.S. and international law and should never be allowed / Michael H. Posner
No : There is a need to bring an unfortunate practice within the bounds of law / Alan M. Dershowitz
Counterterrorism and the Constitution : does providing security require a trade-off with civil liberties? Yes : The United States needs to reasonably limit civil liberties and bolster executive powers / John Yoo
No : Respecting civil liberties and preventing executive overreach are critical to preserving America's security and its ideals / David Cole
Conclusion : Is the threat of terrorism being overstated? Yes : The threat of terrorism is overblown and more manageable than suspected / John Mueller
No : The threat is profound and will remain so for some time / Walter Laquer Table of contents Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library