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Stochastic Processes : Modelling and Simulation

Concerned with reviewing and unifying new ideas in the different lines of research and developments in stochastic processes of applied flavour, this volume consists of various topics in stochastic processes. Including manufacturing systems, random graphs and reliability.
Print Book, English, 2003
Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2003
XVII, 1000 p. : gráf. ; 25 cm.
9780444500137, 0444500138
Modelling and numerical methods in manufacturing systems using control theory, E.K. Boukas, Z.K. Liu; models of random graphs and their applications, C. Cannings, D.B. Penman; locally self-similar processes and their wavelet analysis, J.E. Cavanaugh, Y. Wang, J.W. Davis; stochastic models for DNA replications, R. Cowan; an empirical process with applications to test exponential and geometric models, J.E. Ferreira; patterns of sequences of random events, J. Gani; stochastic models in telecommunications for optimal design, control and performance evaluation, N. Gautam; stochastic processes in epidemic modelling and simulation, D. Greenhalgh; inference and simulation for random fields, P. Greenwood, W. Wefelmeyer; modelling self-similarity - fractals and stochastic processes, B.M. Hambly; numerical methods in queueing theory, D. Heyman; applications of Markov chains to the distribution theory of runs and patterns, M.V. Koutras; modelling image analysis problems using Markov random fields, S.Z. Li; semi-Markov processes in reliability, N. Limnios, G. Oprisan; departures and related characteristics in queueing models, M. Manoharan, M.H. Alamatsaz, D.N. Shanbhag; discrete variate time series, E.D. McKenzie; extreme value theory, models and simulation, S.Nadarajah; biological applications of branching processes, A.G. Pakes; Markov chain approaches to damage models, C.R. Rao, M. Albassam, M.B. Rao, D.N. Shanbhag; point processes in astronomy - exciting events in the universe, J.D. Scargle, G.J. Babu; on the theory of discrete and continuous parameter biliniear random processes, T. Subba Rao, G. Terdic; non-linear and non-Gaussian state-space modelling with Monte Carlo techniques - a survey and comparative study, H. Tanizaki; Markov modelling of burst behaviour in ion channels, G.F. Yeo, R.K. Milne, B.W. Madsen, Y. Li, R.O. Edeson.