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An Introduction to International Relations : Australian Perspectives

Leading Australian scholars introduce a range of theories, actors, issues, institutions and processes that animate international relations today.
Print Book, English, 2007
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007
439 p. ; 25 cm
9780521682763, 0521682762
Preface and acknowledgements; List of contributors; Introduction to international relations: the origins and changing agendas of a discipline Richard Devetak; 1. Theory and practice in Australian International Relations: the search for identity and security Jim George; Part I. Theories of International Relations: 2. International relations theory in an era of critical diversity Jim George; 3. Liberalism Jim Richardson; 4. Realism Martin Griffiths and Terry O'Callaghan; 5. Marxism Scott Burchill; 6. Feminism Katrina Lee-Koo; 7. Postmodernism Roland Bleiker; 8. Constructivism and critical theory Martin Weber; 9. Global justice and cosmopolitan democracy Richard Shapcott; Part II. The Traditional Agenda: States, War and Law: 10. The modern state and its origins Richard Devetak; 11. Nationalism and war Gavin Mount; 12. Security Anthony Burke; 13. Arms control Marianne Hanson; 14. The changing character of warfare Robert Ayson; 15. The ethics and laws of war Alex J. Bellamy; 16. International law Shirley Scott; 17. International society and European expansion Paul Keal; 18. Order and decolonisation in Southeast Asia Anthony Burke; 19. The Cold War Nick Bisley; Part III. The New Agenda: Globalisation and Global Governance: 20. Multilateral economic institutions Marc Williams; 21. Global trade Maryanne Kelton; 22. Global finance Len Seabrooke; 23. Non-state actors: multinational corporations and international non-governmental organisations James Goodman; 24. Global poverty and inequality Heloise Weber and Mark T. Berger; 25. Globalisation and its critics Steven Slaughter; 26. The globalisation of Islam Shahram Akbarzadeh; 27. Global terrorism David Wright-Neville; 28. Humanitarianism and armed intervention Jacinta O'Hagan; 29. Human rights Anthony Langlois; 30. Migration and refugees Sara E. Davies; 31. Global environmental politics Robyn Eckersley; 32. Global governance and the United Nations Samuel M. Makinda; Glossary of terms; Bibliography; Index.