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Margaret Laurence's epic imagination

Margaret Laurence (1926-1987) instinctively turned to the epic mode to create archetypal narratives of loss, exile, and redemption. This title traces the development of Laurence's voice from its tentative beginnings in her African fiction to its culmination in the Manawaka Cycle.
Print Book, English, cop. 2005
University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, cop. 2005
XVIII, 186 p. ; 23 cm
9780888644510, 0888644515
I: Epic beginnings
This side Jordon: epic conflict
The tomorrow-tamer: patterns of exile
II: The comedy of the soul
The stone angel: Hagar in hell
A jest of God and The fire-dwellers: purgatorial progress
Jason's quest and A bird in the house: epic dialogue
The diviners: heaven on earth
Epic epilogue