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A scientific theology

V. 1 Nature. v. 2 Reality. v. 3 Theory
Print Book, English, 2001-2003
W.B. Eerdmans Pub., Grand Rapids, Mich., 2001-2003
3 volumes ; 23 cm
9780802839251, 9780802839268, 9780802839275, 9780567087911, 0802839258, 0802839266, 0802839274, 0567087913
Volume I: Nature
Part I: Prolegomena
The legitimacy of a scientific theology
The approach to be adopted
Part II: Nature
The construction of nature
The Christian doctrine of creation
Implications of a Christian doctrine of creation
The purpose and place of natural theology
Moving on: anticipating an engagement with reality. VOLUME II: Reality
Part III. Reality
Rationality and knowledge in theology and the natural sciences
Natural theology and the trans-traditional rationality of the Christian tradition
The foundations of realism in the natural sciences
Critical realism: engaging with a stratified reality
The encounter with reality: the contours of a scientific theology
Moving on: anticipating the development of theory. VOLUME III: Theory
Part IV. Theory
The legitimacy of theory within a scientific theology
The representation of reality in a scientific theology
The place of explanation in a scientific theology
The place of metaphysics in a scientific theology
Conclusion: anticipating a scientific dogmatics