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How shall we worship? : biblical guidelines for the worship wars

If your church is like most churches, you have debated the value of various types of worship styles in your service. It's too easy for people to take sides in the worship wars. Marva Dawn Will help you understand why there are so many disagreements in the church about worship. She pinpoints where our focus should be when talking about worship, discusses the various types of worship styles, and much more. In this book, Marva Dawn guides you through Psalm 96, explaining the profound implications for how we worship the living God today. Within an evening's read, you'll be able to navigate through the worship debates.
Print Book, English, ©2003
Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Ill., ©2003
xv, 191 pages ; 17 cm.
9780842356367, 0842356363
What Kinds of Music Should We Use?
Recent Escalations of Separation
A Sense of the Whole Church
Who Is Being Worshiped?
How Do We Worship God?
The Church Year as a Vehicle
What Will Be the Result of Genuine Worship?
What Idols Tempt Us Away from Worshiping the Only True God?
Resistance and Inoculation
Worship Idolatries
God Has Triumphed over All Other Gods
What Does God's Creation Have to Say about Worship?
Do We Have a Big Enough God?
Dialectical Opposites
Musical Dialectics
How Has the Church Developed Its Ascribing?
The Church's Development of Worship
General Pattern of the Church's Worship
How Will True Worship Change Our Character?
Holy Attire or the Splendor of Holiness
The Great Privilege of Worship
How Does the Lord's Sovereignty Affect Our Worship and Evangelism?
How Does the Creation Teach Us to Praise?
How Does Worship Form Us by the Future to Live in the Present?
Why an Eschatological Orientation Is Necessary for Worship and Life
How Worship Can Be Made More Eschatological
How Eschatological Worship Will Form Us for the Sake of the World
Discussion Questions171(9)
Resources for Further Study and Group Discussion185(3)
Topical Index188(1)
About the Author189