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Diversity at work : the practice of inclusion

This book outlines the key issues involved in framing, designing, and implementing inclusion initiatives for organizations and groups. It offers ideas for helping individuals develop competencies for inclusion and shows how to apply the practices of inclusion by providing a unified model of employing diverse voices to address a range of related topics in multiple contexts. Examples of how diversity and inclusion have worked in a variety of settings are included. Topic experts, both internal and external change agents, and academics provide information
eBook, English, 2014
Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, Calif., 2014
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List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits xiii Foreword xvii Allan H. Church and Janine Waclawski Preface and Acknowledgments xxi Bernardo M. Ferdman and Barbara R. Deane The Editors xxxiii The Authors xxxv Part One: Frameworks for Understanding Inclusion 1 1 The Practice of Inclusion in Diverse Organizations: Toward a Systemic and Inclusive Framework 3 Bernardo M. Ferdman 2 Communicating About Diversity and Inclusion 55 V. Robert Hayles Part Two: Individual and Interpersonal Perspectives and Practices 91 3 Creating Inclusion for Oneself: Knowing, Accepting, and Expressing One's Whole Self at Work 93 Bernardo M. Ferdman and Laura Morgan Roberts 4 Strengthening Interpersonal Awareness and Fostering Relational Eloquence 128 Ilene C. Wasserman 5 Intercultural Competence: Vital Perspectives for Diversity and Inclusion 155 Janet M. Bennett 6 The Work of Inclusive Leadership: Fostering Authentic Relationships, Modeling Courage and Humility 177 Placida V. Gallegos Part Three: Organizational and Societal Perspectives and Practices 203 7 From Diversity to Inclusion: An Inclusion Equation 205 Mary-Frances Winters 8 Inclusive Human Resource Management: Best Practices and the Changing Role of Human Resources 229 Lynn R. Offermann and Tessa E. Basford 9 Inclusive Organization Development: An Integration of Two Disciplines 260 Allan H. Church, Christopher T. Rotolo, Amanda C. Shull, and Michael D. Tuller 10 The Development of Inclusive Leadership Practice and Processes 296 Lize Booysen 11 Creating Inclusive Climates in Diverse Organizations 330 Lisa H. Nishii and Robert E. Rich 12 Models of Global Diversity Management 364 Karsten Jonsen and Mustafa OEzbilgin 13 Fostering Inclusion from the Inside Out to Create an Inclusive Workplace: Corporate and Organizational Efforts in the Community and the Global Society 391 Michalle E. Mor Barak and Preeya Daya Part Four: Key Application Issues and Domains 413 14 Global Benchmarks for Diversity and Inclusion 415 Julie O'Mara 15 The Chief Diversity Offi cer's View of the Diversity and Inclusion Journey at Weyerhaeuser 431 Effenus Henderson 16 Creating Diverse and Inclusive Colleges and Universities 451 Kumea Shorter-Gooden 17 Fostering Inclusion from the Outside In: Engaging Diverse Citizens in Dialogue and Decision Making 482 Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Margaret Yao, and Theo Brown 18 Building a Culture of Inclusion: The Case of UNAIDS 506 Alan Richter 19 Inclusion at Societal Fault Lines: Aboriginal Peoples of Australia 520 Charmine E. J. Hartel, Dennis Appo, and Bill Hart Part Five: Moving Forward 547 20 Inclusion as a Transformational Diversity and Business Strategy 549 Michael L. Wheeler 21 An I/O Psychologist's Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 564 Angelo S. DeNisi 22 Inclusion: Old Wine in New Bottles? 580 Stella M. Nkomo 23 Practicing Inclusion: Looking Back and Looking Ahead 593 Bernardo M. Ferdman and Barbara R. Deane Name Index 601 Subject Index 613