Front cover image for Sources and documents illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-1788 : and the formation of the Federal Constitution

Sources and documents illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-1788 : and the formation of the Federal Constitution

Print Book, English, 1929, 1923
Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1929, 1923
xliii, 378 pages ; 19 cm
9780195002621, 0195002628
From the Royal Proclamation on North America
From James Otis's Rights of the British Colonies
A Remonstrance from the Pennsylvania Frontier
The Virginia Resolves on the Stamp Act : Patrick Henry's Speech, from different sources; The Resolves
Soame Jenyn's Objections to the Taxation of our American Colonies by the Legislature of Great Britain, briefly considered
From Daniel Dulany's Considerations on the Propriety of imposing Taxes in the British Colonies ... by Act of Parliament
Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress
From Dickinson's Farmer's Letters
Indian Diplomacy. From the Proceedings of a Congress of the Six Nations ... before Sir William Johnson
From the Report of the Board of Trade and Plantations on the Western Problem
The Acts of Trade and Navigation. Instructions by the Commissioners of the Customs in America
The Regulator Movement in North Carolina. Petition of a Frontier County
Proceedings of the Town of Boston
Additional Instructions to the Colonial Governors
The Massachusetts Government Act
From the Quebec Act
From James Wilson's Considerations on the Authority of Parliament
Joseph Galloway's Plan of the Union
Declaration and Resolves of the Continental Congress
The Association
From John Adams's Novanglus
Franklin on the Galloway Plan and North Resolution
Letters of Joseph Warren to Arthur Lee
Declaration of Causes of Taking up Arms
Approaching Independence : John Adams to James Warren ; Congress recommends the formation of State Governments
Virginia Bill of Rights
Constitution of Virginia
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of Pennsylvania
Concord Town Meeting demands a Constitutional Convention
Articles of Confederation
Royal Instructions to the Peace Commission
Resolution of Congress on Public Lands and New States
Ordinance of Congress on Public Lands
Virginia Statute of Religious Liberty
The Background of Shays's Rebellion : Petition from the Town of Greenwich, Mass ; Petition of a County Convention
Letters on the Internal Situation : John Jay to Washington ; Washington to John Jay ; Washington to Henry Lee ; The French charge' d'affaires at New York to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs
Northwest Ordinance
Selections from Debates in the Federal Convention : The Randolph or Virginia Resolutions ; Democracy and the Lower House ; Monarchy and the Executive ; Safety and the Senate ; The New Jersey Plan. Small States volume Large States ; Alexander Hamilton's Ideas ; Corruption and Government ; Senators' Term of Office ; Sectional Interests and the Federal Ratio ; Qualification for Suffrage ; Foreigners and the Senate ; Slave Trade and Navigation Acts
Constitution of the United States
Gouverneur Morris to Washington
Selections from Debates in the Virginia Ratifying Convention : The General Issue ; John Marshall on the Judiciary ; Personalities ; Pervious volume Subsequent Amendments
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