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Christian ethics and contemporary moral problems

This book by Michael Banner explores and attempts to understand the significance of Christian belief for a range of contemporary and controversial ethical issues including euthanasia, the environment, biotechnology, abortion, the family, sexual ethics, and the distribution of scarce resources for health care. Its importance lies in its attempt to show the crucial difference that Christian belief makes to an understanding of these issues, while at the same time demonstrating some of the weaknesses and confusions of certain popular approaches to them.
Print Book, English, 1999
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999
xvi, 325 pages ; 23 cm
9780521623827, 9780521625548, 0521623820, 0521625548
1. Turning the world upside down
and some other tasks for dogmatic Christian ethics
2. Christian anthropology at the beginning and end of life
3. The practice of abortion : a critique
4. Economic devices and ethical pitfalls : quality of life, the distribution of resources and the needs of the elderly
5. Why and how (not) to value the environment
6. On not begging the questions about biotechnology
7. 'Who are my mother and my brothers?' : Marx, Bonhoeffer and Benedict and the redemption of the family
8. Five churches in search of sexual ethics
9. Prolegomena to a dogmatic sexual ethic