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Shakespeare survey. 57, Macbeth and its afterlife

Published with academic researchers and graduate students in mind, this volume of the 'Shakespeare Survey' presents a number of contributions on the theme of the play 'Macbeth'
eBook, English, 2004
Cambridge University Press,, Cambridge, 2004
Criticism, interpretation, etc
1 online resource (x, 356 pages)
9780521841207, 0521841208
List of illustrations; 1. Humane statute and the gentle weal: historical reading and historical allegory Kathleen McLuskie; 2. Macbeth's knowledge Arthur F. Kinney; 3. 'The grace of grace' and double-talk in Macbeth Richard C. McCoy; 4. Remind me: how many children had Lady Macbeth? Carol Chillington Rutter; 5. Taking Macbeth out of himself: Davenant, Garrick, Schiller and Verdi Simon Williams; 6. 'Two truths are told': afterlives and histories of Macbeths William C. Carroll; 7. Doing all that becomes a man: the reception and afterlife of the Macbeth actor, 1744–1889 Paul Prescott; 8. Macbeth and Kierkegaard Simon Palfrey; 9. Monsieur Macbeth: from Jarry to Ionesco Ruth Morse; 10. The politics of sleepwalking: American Lady Macbeths Katherine Rowe; 11. MacBird! and Macbeth: topicality and imitation in Barbara Garson's satirical pastiche Tom Blackburn; 12. Mick Jagger Macbeth Deanne Williams; 13. 'The Zulu Macbeth': the value of an 'African Shakespeare' Natasha Distiller; 14. 'A drum, a drum - Macbeth doth come': when Birnam Wood moved to China Ruru Li; 15. The banquet of Scotland (PA) Lauren Shohet; 16. Scoff power in Love's Labour's Lost and the Inns of Court: language in context Lynne Magnusson; 17. Mercury, boy yet and the 'harsh' words of Love's Labour's Lost Frederick W. Clayton and Margaret Tudeau-Clayton; 18. Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More and asylum seekers E. A. J. Honigmann; 19. Hal as self-styled redeemer: the harrowing of hell and Henry IV Part I Beatrice Groves; 20. Mr Hamlet of Broadway Frances Teague; 21. Shakespeare performances in England, 2003 Michael Dobson; 22. Professional Shakespeare productions in the British Isles, January–December 2002 James Shaw; The Year's Contributions to Shakespeare Studies: 23. Critical studies reviewed by Ruth Morse; 24. Shakespeare in performance reviewed by Emma Smith; 25. Editions and textual studies reviewed by Eric Rasmussen; Books received; Index.