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Papal Government and England during the Pontificate of Honorius III (1216-1227)

This study of the administrative 'revolution' of the thirteenth-century papacy investigates the background and career of Honorius III, who was deeply involved in the developing administration of Chamber and Chancery from the late twelfth century, and reveals a picture of evolution rather than revolution in the papal offices of state. Honorius's Chancery is subjected to a vigorous examination. Valuable appendices list all the known papal scribes and provide diplomatic commentaries. Tables indicate details about the registers and the registrative system. The central machinery is shown in action, particularly in dealing with English affairs and petitioners and Honorius's place in the development of canon law is discussed in relation to the English background and experience
eBook, English, 1985
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1985
1 online resource (312 pages)
9780511896125, 9780521259118, 0511896123, 0521259118
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Part I. The diplomatic of the letters: 1. The Papal chancery; 2. The letters; 3. The forms; Part II. The letters in their legal and historical context: 4. The law of the church; 5. Cultural relations with England.
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