Front cover image for Rehabilitation of the spine : a practitioner's manual

Rehabilitation of the spine : a practitioner's manual

Print Book, English, 2007
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, 2007
9780781729970, 0781729971
Active care: its place in the management of spinal disorders / Craig Liebenson
The role of muscles, joints, and the nervous system in spinal disorders / Craig Liebenson
Quality assurance: the scope of the spine problem and modern attempts to manageit / Craig Liebenson
Putting the biopsychosocial model into practice / Craig Liebenson
Lumbar spinal stability: mechanism of injury and restabilization / Stuart McGill
The sources of back pain / Nicholai Bogduk and Charles Aprill
Diagnostic triage in patients with spinal pain / Neil Craton
Outcome assessment / Steven Yeomans ... [et al.]
Assessment of psychosocial risk factors of chronicity
"yellow flags" / Craig Liebenson and Steven Yeomans
. An integrated approach to regional disorders / Liebenson
Managing common syndromes and finding the key link / Lewit, K
The lumbar spine and pelvis / Liebenson
The cervico-thoracic spine and rib cage / Liebenson, Skaggs, C., Fonda, S
A combined psychiatric and orthopaedic approach to musculoskeletal problems / Kirkaldy-Willis, W.H., Becker G
The role and safety of activity in the elderly / Craig Liebenson
Core competencies for conservative care specialists working as part of a multidisciplinary team
creating a center of excellence / Press, J., Triano, J., Liebenson, C
From guidelines to practice: what is the practitioner's role? / Breen, A