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6 secrets to startup success : how to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business

Filled with real-life stories of both success and failure, this book reveals the key principles entrepreneurs must follow to ensure their big idea is on the right track. It helps readers learn how to: convert their passion into economic value with a moneymaking business model; improve their readiness to launch and lead a new venture; and, more.
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CONTENTS Foreword by Pamela Slim v Acknowledgments vii Introduction xi PART I Entrepreneurial Passion: A Double-Edged Sword Chapter 1: True Believers: Why Founders Fall in Love with Their Ideas 3 The Sparks of Entrepreneurial Ambition Fanning the Flames of Commitment If You Build It, Will They Come? Chapter 2: The Passion Trap: How Attachment to Your Idea Can Sabotage Your Startup 23 What Is the Passion Trap? The Damage Done: Six Negative Impacts of Entrepreneurial Passion The Core Pattern: How the Passion Trap Works Icarus Qualities: Who Is Most Vulnerable to the Passion Trap? Early Warning Signs: Are You in Danger of Being Trapped? Moving Forward: Six Principles for Making the Most of Entrepreneurial Passion PART II Your Foundation: Six Principles for Launching a Can't-Miss Startup Chapter 3: Founder Readiness: How to Prepare for the Entrepreneurial Journey 51 The Fundamentals of Founder Readiness Purifying Your Entrepreneurial Passion Chapter 4: The Pull of the Market: Attach to Your Customer, Not to Your Idea 81 Developing a Strong Market Orientation Antidote to the Passion Trap: Give Your Idea a Market Scrub Chapter 5: Your Math Story: Charting a Path to Breakeven and Beyond 103 Planning Is Clear Thinking Constructing a Compelling Math Story Securing the Right Funding Chapter 6: Startup Agility: Executing with Focused Flexibility 125 The Paradox of Strong Execution The New Venture Learning Curve Chapter 7: Integrity of Communication: Your Secret Startup Weapon 149 No One Is Immune to Reality Distortion Integrity of Communication: The Basics Four Personal Tools for Bursting the Feel-Good Bubble Chapter 8: Staying Power: Give Your Venture Time to Take Flight 169 Venture-Level Strategies: Strengthening and Lengthening Your Runway Founder-Level Strategies: Performing and Persevering over Time Appendix A: Startup Readiness Tool 191 Appendix B: Resources and Readings 207 Notes 215 Index 227