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Subdivision methods for geometric design : a constructive approach

Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design provides computer graphics students and designers with a comprehensive guide to subdivision methods, including the background information required to grasp underlying concepts, techniques for manipulating subdivision algorithms to achieve specific effects, and a wide array of digital resources on a dynamic companion Web site. Subdivision Methods promises to be a groundbreaking book, important for both advanced students and working professionals in the field of computer graphics. The only book devoted exclusively to subdivision techniques Covers practical topics including uniform Bezier and B-Spline curves, polyhedral meshes, Catmull-Clark subdivision for quad meshes and objects with sharp creases and pointed vertices A companion website provides example code and concept implementations of subdivision concepts in an interactive Mathematica environment
eBook, English, 2001
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, San Francisco, 2001
1 online resource (xvi, 299 pages) : illustrations.
9781558604469, 1558604464
Table of Symbols
Chapter 1 Subdivision: Functions as Fractals
Chapter 2 An Integral Approach to Uniform Subdivision
Chapter 3 Convergence Analysis for Uniform Subdivision Schemes
Chapter 4 A Differential Approach to Uniform Subdivision
Chapter 5 Local Approximation of Global Differential Schemes
Chapter 6 Variational Schemes for Bounded Domains
Chapter 7 Averaging Schemes for Polyhedral Meshes
Chapter 8 Spectral Analysis at an Extraordinary Vertex
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