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The Yale book of quotations

This reader-friendly volume contains more than 12,000 famous quotations, arranged alphabetically by author. It is unique in its focus on American quotations and its thorough coverage of items not only from literary and historical sources but also from popular culture, sports, computers, politics, law and the social sciences. Anonymously authored items appear in sections devoted to folk songs, advertising slogans, film lines, television catchphrases, proverbs and others. For each quotation, a source and first date of use are cited. In many cases, new research for this book has uncovered an earlier date or a different author than had previously been understood. It was Beatrice Kaufman, not Sophie Tucker, who exclaimed, ʺIʼve been poor and Iʼve been rich. Rich is better!ʺ William Tecumseh Sherman wasnʼt the originator of ʺWar is hell!ʺ Its earliest attribution was to Napoleon. Numerous entries are enhanced with annotations to clarify meaning or context. These fascinating annotations, along with extensive cross-references that identify related quotations, and a large keyword index, will satisfy both the reader who seeks specific information and the curious browser who appreciates an amble through entertaining pages.--Provided by publisher
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Ithaca College reference librarian John Henderson was part of the team of research editors for this book:--Acknowledgements, p. xiii