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The Civil War

Presents the history of the Civil War through excerpts from letters, newspaper articles, journal entries, and laws of the time
Print Book, English, ©2003
Benchmark Books, New York, ©2003
xxii, 103 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm.
9780761412045, 0761412042
On the road to war: Abraham Lincoln, "A house divided" Allen Spooner, "What is a slave?" Frederick Douglass, "From my heart I pitied her" John S. Wise, "Perfectly content and happy" William Lloyd Garrison, "Cease to pollute the land" Virginia Tunstall Clay, "A day of awful import" Jefferson Davis, "Separate existence and independence" Governor Thomas Moore, "Louisiana should not be left unprepared" The War Commenced, "The ball has opened" Abraham Lincoln, "Forever free"
From citizen to soldier, To be a soldier: William Bircher, "Not being over fifteen years of age" Carlton McCarthy, "Alternately superabundant and altogether wanting" Pvt. Oliver Norton, "That never were seen in a cabinet shop" Father William Corby, "Miserable tortures of military life" Theodore Gerrish, "Sufferings and physical exhaustion"
On the battlefield: Sgt. Thomas F. Galwey, "A whir like a bumble-bee's" Col. William C. Oates, "The blood stood in puddles" Capt. Samuel E. Pingree, "Which tore away my right thumb" Corp. Peter McAdams, "Brought him safely within our lines" Pvt. William H. Carney, "The old flag had never touched the ground"
The woman's role, Sacrificing and serving: Sallie Brock Putnam, "The busy semptress" Sarah Agnes Rice Pryor, "She taught me many expedients" Mary A. Livermore, "It gave one a heartache" Kate Cumming, "As if they were my brothers" Fanny Titus, "Suffering untold agonies" Elizabeth Blair Lee, "Her grief is terrible"
The revolution in medicine: Dr. Roberts Bartholow, "Horribly impure air" Dr. Sanford B. Hunt, "Life-giving effect of fresh animal blood" William Howell Reed, "More acute suffering" Dr. Thomas Longmore, "The finger of the surgeon" Dr. Samuel D. Gross, "What little suffering the patient generally experiences" Dr. Frank H. Hamilton, "The genius of medicine"
The price of victory and defeat: The Irish American, "Lies in strange earth to-day" LaSalle Corbell Pickett, "Fear and dread fell over us all" Generals Grant and Lee, "The hopelessness of further resistance" General Robert E. Lee, "Admiration of your constancy" Thomas Owen, "Did my very soul good" Judith McGuire, "Our people were in nothing rude or disrespectful" Charles A. Leale, MD "I lifted his eyelids and saw evidence of a brain injury" Abraham Lincoln, "Four score and seven years ago."