Front cover image for Euroscepticism images of Europe among mass publics and political elites

Euroscepticism images of Europe among mass publics and political elites

Print Book, English, 2009
Barbara Budrich Publishers, Opladen, 2009
Études diverses
1 v. (299 p.) : illustrations ; 21 cm
9783866491458, 386649145X
European cleavage, euroscepticism and support of the EU : a conceptual discussion / Dieter Fuchs, Antoine Roger, Raul Magni-Berton
Images of Europe : the meaning and perception of 'Europe' by citizens of EU member states / Astrid Kufer
The intellectual discourse on European identity : conclusions from a German-French comparison / Felix Heidenreich
How does income influence national and European identity? / Sébastien Dubé, Raul Magni-Berton
National identity, European identity and euroscepticism / Dieter Fuchs, Isabelle Guinaudeau, Sophia Schubert
EU performance and euroscepticism / Pascal Siegers
Have they gone too far? Attitudes towards the transfer of politics on the EU-level / Eva-Maria Trüdinger
Cognitive mobilization, knowledge and efficacy as determinants of euroscepticism / Alexandra Mößner
Perceptions of the European Union and euroscepticism in Russia / Olga Gille-Belova
Euroscepticism and the mass media : an analysis of the form of contention in the German and French debates on a European constitution / Silke Adam
Right wing parties and euroscepticism in France and Germany / Katja Neller, Isabell S. Thaidigsmann
Euroscepticism and party system change : Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic / Mariya Nedelcheva
The role(s) of the eurosceptic MEPs / Oliver Costa, Nathalie Brack
The impact of European policies on national political parties : a theoretical outlook / Antoine Roger
Summary of the results / Raul Magni-Berton, Dieter Fuchs, Antoine Roger