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Wild mammals of North America : biology, management, and conservation

Winner of the 1984 Wildlife Publications Award from the Wildlife Society, the first edition of Wild Mammals of North America (published in 1982) offered zoologists, naturalists, wildlife specialists, and students detailed information about the biology, conservation status, and management of 57 mammalian species and species groups, with contributions from 100 of the leading authorities. Now thoroughly revised to reflect new biological research and approaches to wildlife conservation and management, the second edition of this "essential volume" (Wildlife Society Bulletin) continues to provide the most current and comprehensive data on the distribution, physiology, ecology, behavior, commercial value, and viability of nongame species including bats, woodrats, prairie dogs, and armadillo, the whales, seals, and sireians, as well as carnivores, furbearers, and big game species
Print Book, English, 2003
Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Md., 2003
xiii, 1,216 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
9780801874161, 0801874165
Preface and AcknowledgmentsIntroduction: A Twenty-Year RetrospectivePart I: Opossum, Moles, Bats, and ArmadilloChapter 1. Opossum Chapter 2. MolesChapter 3. BatsChapter 4. ArmadilloPart II: Rabbits and HaresChapter 5. Eastern CottontailChapter 6. Black0tailed JackrabbitChapter 7. Snowshoe Hare and Other HaresPart III: RodentsChapter 8. Mountain BeaverChapter 9. MarmotsChapter 10. Ground SquirrelsChapter 11. Black-tailed Prairie DogChapter 12. Fox and Gray SquirrelsChapter 13. Pine SquirrelsChapter 14. Pocket GophersChapter 15. BeaverChapter 16. MuskratsChapter 17. VolesChapter 18. PorcupineChapter 19. Eastern WoodratPart IV: Toothed Whales and Baleen WhalesChapter 20. Bottlenose Dolphin, Harbor Porpoise, Sperm Whale and Other Toothed CetaceansChapter 21. Baleen Whales: Right Whales and AlliesSection V: CarnivoresChapter 22. CoyoteChapter 23. Gray WolfChapter 24. FoxesChapter 25. Black BearChapter 26. Grizzly BearChapter 27. Polar BearChapter 28. RaccoonChapter 29. Fisher and MartenChapter 30. Weasels and Black-footed FerretChapter 31. MinkChapter 32. WolverineChapter 33. BadgerChapter 34. SkunksChapter 35. River OtterChapter 36. Sea OtterChapter 37. Mountain LionChapter 38. Bobcat and LynxSection VI: Seals and ManateeChapter 39. SealsChapter 40. West Indian ManateeSection VII: Hoofed MammalsChapter 41. Collared PeccaryChapter 42. WapitiChapter 43. Mule DeerChapter 44. White-tailed DeerChapter 45. MooseChapter 46. CaribouChapter 47. PronghornChapter 48. BisonChapter 49. Mountain GoatChapter 50. MuskoxChapter 51. Mountain SheepPart VIII: Introduced MammalsChapter 52. NutriaChapter 53. Wild HorseChapter 54. Feral HogChapter 55. Nonnative Large Mammals in North AmericaAppendix 1Appendix 2GlossaryIndex