Front cover image for Livy, with an English translation

Livy, with an English translation

Print Book, English, 1968
Heinemann; Harvard University Press, London, Cambridge, Mass., 1968
14 volumes : folded color maps. ; 17 cm.
Latin and English
Vols. 6-8, 12-14 have imprint: Cambridge, Harvard University Press; v. 9-11: London, Heinemann; Cambridge, Harvard University Press
Vols. 6-8 translated by F. G. Moore; v. 9-11 by E. T. Sage; v. 12 by E. T. Sage and A. C. Schlesinger; v. 13 by A. C. Schlesinger; v. 14 by A. C. Schlesinger, with a general index to Livy by R. M. Geer