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Political Shakespeare : essays in cultural materialism

This work sets out to depose the sacred icon of the "eternal bard" and argue for a Shakespeare who meditates and exploits political, cultural and ideological forces. Ten years on, this second edition presents additional essays by Jonathan Dollimore and Alan Sinfield.
Print Book, English, 1994
Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1994
Criticism, interpretation, etc
viii, 295 pages ; 24 cm
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Introduction: Shakespeare, cultural materialiams and the new historicism / Jonathan Dollimore
Invisible bullets: Renaissance authority and its subversion, Henry IV and Henry V / Stephen Greenblatt
'This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine': The tempest and the discourse of colonialism / Paul Brown
Transgression and surveillance in Measure for measure / Jonathan Dollimore
The patriarchal bard: feminist criticism and Shakespeare: King Lear and Measure for measure / Kathleen McLuskie
Strategies of state and political plays: A midsummer night's dream, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VIII / Leonard Tennenhouse
Shakespeare understudies: the sodomite, the prostitute, the transvestite and their critics / Jonathan Dollimore
Introduction: Reproductions, interventions / Alan Sinfield
Give an account of Shakespeare and education, showing why you think they are effective and what you have appreciated about them. Support your comments with precise references / Alan Sinfield
Royal Shakespeare: theatre and the making of ideology / Alan Sinfield
Radical potentiality and institutional closure: Shakespeare in film and television / Graham Holderness
how Brecht read Shakespeare / Margot Heinemann
Heritage and the market, regulation and desublimation / Alan Sinfield
Afterword / Raymond Williams
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