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American history

"The history of America is a story of dynamic change, of a nation and its people moulded by different economic, social, political, and philosophical forces. In this book you will examine American history through the lens of one guiding concept: The United States is a nation shaped by ideas. America has always been a country defined not just by its borders oo the background of its people, but by the powerful ideas. Among the ideas that have guided America's development are liberty, democracy, equality, and opportunity. You will find this guiding concept in all aspects of American history and identity -- in technology and the arts; in the stories of immigrants and the treatment of different racial, social, and religious groups; in the push toward the frontier, wherever it may be found; and in America's interactions with Canada and the wider world. Above all, the United States is a modern state that has been profoundly shaped by its past. To fully comprehend the nation and its people, you must begin by examining its history. The features of American History open windows onto significant events, movements, people, and texts, define the dimensions of historical inquiry, and allow you to assess your understanding of the material"--Page x
Print Book, English, 2008
Emond Montgomery Publications, Toronto, 2008