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The book of Genesis : chapters 1-17

An evangelical explication of the wealth and depth of material imbedded in Scripture's first book. Whereas many recent commentaries have divided Genesis into multiple layers of tradition, the author of this commentary observes that the scholarly arguments in favour of the literary and theological unity of the Genesis text are growing and impressive. Hence, he stresses the main theme running throughout most of the book: God's gracious promise of blessing and reconciliation in the face of sin and evil. The introduction includes sections on the book's title, structure, composition, theology, problems in interpretation, canonicity and Hebrew text; an outline of the whole book and bibliography are included. A unique feature of this book is the author's emphasis on the reading of Genesis by the New Testament community. Following his commentary on each chapter or unit of Genesis, he discusses where and how the New Testament appropriated material from that section and incorporated it into the message of the New Covenant
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The creation of the world (1:1-2:3)
The garden of Eden and its first occupants (2:4-25)
The temptation in the garden (3:1-24)
Fraternal strife (4:1-26)
From Adam to Noah : ten generations (5:1-32)
The sons of God and the daughters of humankind : illicit relationships (6:1-4)
The great flood (6:5-9:29)
The table of nations (10:1-32)
Shinarites and Shemites (11:1-32)
The emergence of Abram (12:1-20)
The separation of Lot and Abram (13:1-18)
Militant Abram and the kings (14:1-24)
The convenant with Abram (15:1-21)
Hagar and Ishmael (16:1-16)
The reaffirmation of the covenant (17:1-27)