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Religion and the Enlightenment : from Descartes to Kant

Religion was an integral part of almost everyone's daily life in seventeenth and eighteenth century Western Europe. Yet new philosophical ideas were emerging, ideas that became the foundation of our modern world. This book, designed for classroom use, reveals the roots of Enlightenment thought as well as their results, both positive and negative, with special attention to figures such as Descartes, Pascal, Rousseau, and Kant. --From publisher's description
Print Book, English, 1997
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Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, Ky., 1997
xiii, 253 pages ; 23 cm
9780664257606, 0664257607
Changing ideals
Enlightenment, power and context
God and the clarity of reason : René Descartes
Burning faith : Blaise Pascal
The distant God of deism
From scepticism to atheism
New light or old? : science and religion
The morality of innocence : Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Belief within the limits of reason : Immanuel Kant
Originally published: Glory, jest, and riddle. London : SCM Press, 1996