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The impact of the Reformation : essays

This collection of essays from a distinguished scholar of medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation history examines one of the most fascinating and turbulent periods of human history from the perspective of the social history of ideas. Taking advantage of the windows offered by late medieval scholastic thought, the Modern Devotion, Johann von Staupitz, Martin Luther, Marian piety, and the escalation of anti-Semitism, Heiko A. Oberman illumines the social and intellectual context for the reform of church and society in the sixteenth century. These programmatic essays not only provide analyses of Reformation events but also contribute to the contemporary search for new methods and models that better capture the meaning of that period. Recognizing the distance between intellectual and social historians of the Reformation, Oberman seeks to bridge the gap by pursuing an innovative path. The impact of the Reformation is traced through everyday life as well as through individual programs for change
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Via antiqua and via moderna : late medieval prolegomena to early Reformation thought
Preface to Devotio moderna : basic writings
Captivitas Babylonica : Johann von Staupitz's critical ecclesiology
Duplex misericordia : the devil and the church in the early theology of Johann von Staupitz
Teufelsdreck : eschatology and scatology in the "old" Luther
The nationalist conscription of Martin Luther
Three sixteenth-century attitudes toward Judaism : Reuchlin, Erasmus, and Luther
The stubborn Jews : timing the escalation of antisemitism in late medieval Europe
Reuchlin and the Jews : obstacles on the path to emancipation
The impact of the Reformation : problems and perspectives
Die gelehrten die verkehrten : popular response to learned culture in the Renaissance and Reformation
The Virgin Mary in evangelical perspective
From confrontation to encounter : the ugly German and the ugly American