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The theology of John Calvin

Karl Barth
This historically significant volume collects Karl Barth's lectures on John Calvin, delivered at the University of Göttingen in 1922. The book opens with an illuminating sketch of medieval theology, an appreciation of Luther's breakthrough, and a comparative study of the roles of Zwingli and Calvin. The main body of the work consists of an increasingly sympathetic, and at times amusing, account of Calvin's life up to his recall to Geneva. In the process, Barth examines and evaluates the early theological writings of Calvin, especially the first edition of the Institutes
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Translator's Preface
I. Presuppositions
1. Reformation and Middle Ages
2. Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli
II. Life of Calvin
3. Early Years, 1509-1536
4. First Genevan Stay
5. Strassburg Stay, 1538-1541
Scripture References
Originally published in German as: Die Theologie Calvins. Zürich, Switzerland : Theologischer Verlag, ©1993
Contains lectures delivered at the University of Göttingen in 1922