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God bless you Joe Stalin : the man who saved capitalism

Stalin has been accused of many things; add to the list his role as the father of modern-day economics
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Table of Contents; Introduction; Chapter 1. Evolution of the Almighty Dollar; Chapter 2. The Amazing US Economy; Chapter 3. Beyond Good and Evil: A Different Portrait of Joe Stalin; Chapter 4. The Contradictions of State Socialism; Chapter 5. The Cold War Begins: The Truman Presidency; Chapter 6. The Cold War in Neutral: The Eisenhower Presidency; Chapter 7. Expanding the Cold War: The Kennedy Presidency; Chapter 8. The Great Society: The Lyndon Johnson Presidency; Chapter 9. The Renegade Republican: The Nixon Presidency; Chapter 10. Frustration: The Presidencies of Ford and Carter Chapter 11. America on the Attack: The Reagan PresidencyChapter 12. The End of the Cold War: The George H. W. Bush Presidency; Epilogue: The Vanished Track; Appendix; Recommended Readings; Index