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Global Dermatology : Diagnosis and Management According to Geography, Climate, and Culture

A comprehensive source of information on variations found in skin diseases throughout the world is offered here. By considering the overall problems of hereditary variables, climate fluctuations, and therapeutic differences, this volume provides an appraisal of the diverse factors that make up the composite picture of cutaneous medicine. Divided by continent and then further organized into countries or regions, each entry presents basic information on the disease indigenous to the area, including its definition and symptoms, etiology, clinical manifestations, histopathology, appropriate laboratory tests, differential diagnosis, management, prevention and references. Additional chapters discuss the influence of travel and migration as well as of variables such as climate. 38 full color plates superbly illustrate the many variations of major dermatologic diseases. As technology has made global travel far quicker and more commonplace, this book is a must for all dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, and for all family practitioners and general internists
eBook, English, 1994
Springer New York, New York, NY, 1994
1 online resource (xvi, 359 pages 156 illustrations)
9781461226147, 1461226147
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I. Prologue
2. Tropical Medicine and Tropical Public Health
3. Dermatological Epidemiology
4. Climatology
5. Culture and Socioeconomic Background: Constructing the Relationship Between the Skin, Touch, and Sexuality
6. The Cultural Construction of Illnesses of the Skin
7. The Globalization of Medical and Dermatologic Education
II. The Influence of Migration and Travel
9. The United States of America
10. Western Europe
11. The United Kingdom
12 Immigrants in Eastern Europe
13. Africa
14. Travel Medicine
III. Variables in Dermatology
16. Diseases Affected by Heat
17. Diseases Affected by Cold: Arctic and Subarctic Areas
18. Diseases Affected by War: The Korean Experience
19. Global Veterinary Dermatology
IV. Anthropologic Dermatology
21. Diseases Among Arab People
22. Diseases Among Australian Aborigines
23. Diseases Among Black People
24. Diseases Among Jewish People
25. Diseases Among Native American People
V. Regional Dermatology
The Americas
27. Caribbean Region
28. Chile
29. Colombia
30. Mexico
31. Venezuela
32. Germany
33. Greece
34. Malta
35. Poland
36. Malawi
37. Nigeria
38. Rwanda
39. South Africa
40. Japan
41. India
42. Lebanon
43. United Arab Emirates
VI. Global Therapy
44. Therapeutic Considerations
45. Antimicrobial Therapy
46. Antifungal Therapy
47. Antiparasitic Therapy
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