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Grassroots associations

Grassroots Associations is a comprehensive review and critique of empirical and theoretical research on grassroots, nonprofit and voluntary organizations. David Horton Smith examines in depth the distinctive nature and characteristics of a previously under-studied area which includes such groups as Alchoholics Anonymous, community-environmental action committees and church Bible study groups. He addresses: group formation, structure, process, leadership, and life cycle change; effectiveness; the influence such associations have on society; the future of grassroots associations
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PART ONE: TOWARD A ROUND-EARTH PARADIGM FOR THE VOLUNTARY NONPROFIT SECTORDefinitions and MetaphorsRevising Flat-Earth Maps The Rest of the Voluntary Nonprofit SectorPART TWO: THE DISTINCTIVE NATURE OF GRASSROOTS ASSOCIATIONSFormational CharacteristicsInternal Guidance SystemsInternal StructureInternal ProcessesLeaders and EnvironmentsLife Cycle ChangesImpact and EffectivenessPART THREE: THEORETICAL PARADIGMS AND CONCLUSIONSFlat-Earth Paradigms and the Round-Earth Paradigm in OutlineSome Conclusions and Forecasts The Advent of Homo Voluntas