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The profit potential : taking high performance to the bottom line

"Waste, inefficiency, slow response time - these and other "corporate diseases" have been the target of most American companies' efforts to reduce costs, dramatically improve quality, and delight the customer. As many leaders and their organizations are finding, however, many of these initiatives have often failed to significantly improve the financial bottom line." "The Profit Potential clearly reveals the sources of this dilemma and delivers concrete methods for identifying waste and inefficiency and truly eliminating it. At the heart of this challenge, McNair shows how many improvement efforts simply move cost and waste around the organization in an elaborate shell game. These "Profit Bandits" rob the company of improvements that can, and should be seen on the bottom line." "McNair, a noted author and expert on continuous improvement and performance measurement, outlines practical steps to ferret out unused or wasted resources that sap an organization's competitive strength. Companies will see how to identify, measure and report waste and inefficiencies at every level in the organization. Throughout The Profit Potential, managers will find innovative, proven ways to avoid designing unnecessary costs into a business while focusing on processes that truly add value to the customer."--Jacket
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