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The early letters of Bishop Richard Hurd 1739-1762

A model edition of the early correspondence of one of George III's favourite bishops. ARCHIVES
Print Book, English, 1995
Boydell Press/Church of England Record Society, Woodbridge, 1995
Personal correspondence
lxxx, 466 pages ; 24 cm
9780851156538, 0851156533
Part 1 List of cue-titles and abbreviations. Part 2 Biography of Richard Hurd (1720 -1808). Part 3 Biographies of correspondents: Thomas Balguy (1716-1795); James Devey (1680-1754); Sir Edward Littleton (1727-1812); Cox Macro (1683-1767); Mary Macro (1689-1753); Edward Macro (1719-1766); William Mason (1725-1797); John Potter (1716-?1770); William Warburton (1698-1779); the minor correspondents. Part 4 The correspondence: the Potter correspondence; the Macro correspondence; the Littleton correspondence; the Mason correspondence; the Balguy correspondence; the Warburton correspondence. Part 5 List of letters. Part 6 The text. Part 7 Editorial principles. Part 8 The letters.