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Rhetoric, religion and the civil rights movement, 1954-1965

The language and lessons of both the Old and New Testaments were often brought to bear on many civil rights events and issues - from local desegregation to national policy matters. This volume chronicles how movement leaders and local activists moved a nation to live up to the biblical ideals it often professed but infrequently practiced.
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Emancipation Day address / Mordecai Johnson
A cool head and a warm heart / Charles P. Bowles
The Supreme Court decision / A. Powell Davies
Speech to Council of Christian Relations / Frank P. Graham
Full integration
America's newest challenge / Mary McLeod Bethune
The church amidst ethnic and racial tensions / Benjamin E. Mays
The disturbing Christ / J.R. Brokhoff
The challenge of integration / William Lloyd Imes
Speech to Calvary Christian Church / Sarah Patton Boyle
Speech to Covington Ministerial Association / Sarah Patton Boyle
Abraham then, and now / William Lloyd Imes
Toward world brotherhood / James Hudson
Spiritual rearmament / Mary McLeod Bethune
Address at memorial meeting for Rev. George W. Lee / Roy Wilkins
Do we still need do-gooders? / Albert D'Orlando
Terror reigns in Mississippi / T.R.M. Howard
I want you to know what they did to my boy / Mamie Till-Bradley
I'm glad I was born white / Robbins Ralph
Feed my sheep / Sarah Patton Boyle
One Hundred Percent Wrong Club / Branch Rickey
Drifting is dangerous / Paul N. Carnes
A lesson on tolerance / J.R. Brokhoff
A cigarette for Johnnie Birchfield / Horace Mann Bond
Where to look for victory / James Hudson
Mississippi's challenge in this grave hour / T.R.M. Howard
Speech to National Baptist Convention, Denver / Roy Wilkins
Christians and desegregation / D. Perry Ginn
The South, collectively, is a patient most ill / P.D. East
The role of the church / Martin Luther King, Jr
Report of the interracial leadership conference / James A. Pike
Address / Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
Address at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom / Adam Clayton Powell
Address at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom / A. Philip Randolph
A faith for difficult and critical times / Fred L. Shuttlesworth
Address to the 48th annual NAACP convention / Channing H. Tobias
Walk to freedom / Shad Polier
The crucial test of Christian citizenship / Marion A. Boggs
The meaning of Little Rock / A. Powell Davies
Integration and public morals / Marion A. Wright. [Cont.] The ministry of reconciliation / James R. Bullock
Life's inevitables : three things you cannot stop / J.R. Brokhoff
Meeting of the Fair Share Organization / Fred L. Shuttlesworth
A fresh look at race relations / Chester Bowles
Address at the 50th anniversary of the NAACP
The ministry of reconciliation / Colbert S. Cartwright
Of this gospel I was made a minister / Carlos E. Martin
Christianity and racial tensions / Edward Hughes Pruden
To the people of Florida on race relations / LeRoy Collins
Speech at Shaw University / James Lawson
Segregation and the Ten Commandments / Everett Tilson
Challenge to overcome / Benjamin E. Mays
Students "standing up" for the American dream / Frank P. Graham
Behaving like ordinary men / Edler Garnet Hawkins
Witnessing / Will D. Campbell
Speech to the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith / LeRoy Collins
This I believe / Haywood N. Hill
Some stern words of Jesus / Colbert S. Cartwright
Mistakes I have made in race relations / William O. Byrd
The Christian way in race relations / Robert J. McCracken
The untold story of the sit-ins / Duncan Howlett
Trying to get home without Jesus / Ralph David Abernathy
The minister as citizen / Marion A. Wright
Who speaks for the South? / James McBride Dabbs
Hidden persuaders in human relations / Heslip "Happy" Lee
Call for reason / Fred L. Shuttlesworth
Not race but grace / Robert H. Walkup
Speech at the University of Mississippi / Robert H. Walkup
Love disqualified / Charles L. Stanford, Jr
Paranoia, guilt, and atonement / Duncan M. Gray, Jr
The worship God wants / George A. Chauncey
The moving finger writes in Mississippi / James McBride Dabbs
To define our love / James McBride Dabbs
Reflections on the death of a child / Marion King
The Christian faith and race / J. Claude Evans
Speech at a church and race relations conference / James A. Pike
This is the mood and this is the time / Edler Garnet Hawkins
Broadcast on KPFA, Los Angeles, May 28, 1963 / Wyatt Tee Walker
The testing of our faith / J.V. Cosby Summerell
Speech at the Flamingo Club / James Bevel
Untitled sermon / Bruce William Klunder
Law and order and Christian duty / Eugene Carson Blake
On loving one's neighbor as oneself / Francis Gerald Ensley
Late we come / Eugene Carson Blake
Invocation / Patrick O'Boyle
Speech at the march on Washington / John Lewis
Who is guilty in Birmingham? / Charles Morgan Jr
Some important differences / George H. Woodard
Speech at Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church / Dick Gregory
Let's face the world / Arthur E. Shelton
Golgotha 1964 / Frank T. Wilson
Speech at the Freedom Vote Rally / Dave Dennis
A modern day Moses / Dave Dennis
Speech at the Freedom Vote Rally / Aaron Henry. [Cont.] The myth, the movement / James McBride Dabbs
The two way barrier / Duncan Howlett
As if in a foreign country / David G. Colwell
Division of home missions / Robert W. Spike
Danville Christian Progressive Association / Lawrence Campbell
Address at the Hattiesburg Freedom Day Rally / Ella Josephine Baker
A Methodist pastor and race relations / Edward W. Harris
Countdown on human worth / L. Wilson Kilgore
Report from the South / Duncan Howlett
Christian response to racial revolution / James McBride Dabbs
Deep are the roots / Mildred Bell Johnson
Love and race relations / Ralph David Abernathy
The national civil rights crises / Fred L. Shuttlesworth
Some points / Thomas Merton
Address to the 55th annual NAACP convention / Robert W. Spike
The long, hot summer / Albert D'Orlando
Address at Medgar Evers memorial service / Fred L. Shuttlesworth
Sermon at Deering Community Church / Robert W. Spike
Funeral service for James Chaney / Dave Dennis and Edwin King
Untitled speech / Fannie Lou Hamer
Moral dimensions / Theodore M. Hesburgh
Civil rights and Christian duties / Robert J. McCracken
The misfits / Kelly Miller Smith
Religious panel, February 20, 1965 / Civil Rights Hearings
Jews, justice and liberalism / Charles F. Wittenstein
Report from Alabama and Mississippi / Duncan Howlett
In memoriam : James Reeb / Albert D'Orlando
Eulogy at memorial service for James Reeb / Roy Wilkins
To be a man / Robert A. Reed
The moral stature of the civil rights movement / Duncan Howlett
Address / Morris B. Abram
Untitled paper read posthumously / Jonathan Daniels
Dear friends in Christ / Daniel Berrigan
A Christian movement in a revolutionary age / Ralph David Abernathy
Trek toward the dawn / Kelly Miller Smith
Some comments on race hate / Gardner C. Taylor
Civil rights from a Christian point of view / Theodore Parker Ferris