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Social economics : the New Palgrave

"First published in the New Palgrave: a dictionary of economics ... in four volumes, 1987"--T.p. verso. Includes bibliographical references
Print Book, English, 1989
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Norton, New York, 1989
xii, 297 pages ; 24 cm
9780393027273, 9780393958522, 0393027279, 0393958523
Ageing populations / Robert L. Clark
Crime and punishment / Isaac Ehrlich
Declining population / Robin Barlow
Demographic transition / Ansley J. Coale
Discrimination / Peter Mueser
Distributive justice / Edmund S. Phelps
Domestic labour / S. Himmelweit
Entitlements / Hillel Steiner
Envy / Peter J. Hammond
Equality / James S. Coleman
Extended family / Olivia Harris
Family / Gary S. Becker
Fertility / Richard A. Easterlin
Full employment / G.D.N. Worswick
Gender / Francine D. Blau
Gifts / C.A. Gregory
Health economics / Victor R. Fuchs. Household production / Richard A. Berk
Human capital / Sherwin Rosen
Inequality / Erik Olin Wright
Inequality between the sexes / E. Boserup
Inheritance / Jack Goody
Justice / Amartya Sen
Labour market discrimination / Irene Bruegel
Leisure / Gordon C. Winston
Occupational segregation / Myra H. Strober
Poverty / A.B. Atkinson
Race and economics / H. Stanback
Rent control / Kurt Klappholz
Segmented labour markets / Glen C. Cain
Social security / Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Trade unions / Henry Phelps Brown
Urban economics / Peter Mieszkowski
Value of life / Thomas C. Schelling
Welfare state / I. Gough
Women's wages / J. Rubery
"First published in the New Palgrave: a dictionary of economics ... in four volumes, 1987"--Title page verso