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Issues in feminism an introduction to women's studies

Introducing women's studies, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach and combines the humanities and the social sciences in order to elucidate the three themes of image, realities and choices. The author examines the cultural and life-style diversity that is apparent in women's lives.
Print Book, Undefined, 1990
Mayfield Publ, Mountain View, Calif, 1990
XI, 531 S.
9780874849370, 0874849373
Part 1 Consciousness, concepts, images, and visions: the dynamics of patriarchy; images of women in patriarchy - the masculist defined; talking back - feminist responses to sexist stereotypes; the origins of female subordination - theories and explanations. Part 2 Sexism realized - women's lives in patriarchy; women's personal lives - the effect of sexism on self and relationships; discrimination - the effects of asymmetry on social institutions and their effects on us; distortions in understanding - how patriarchy affects our mind. Part 3 Women Move: feminist activism - issues, events documents.