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Lines of enquiry studies in Latin poetry

Niall Rudd
In these studies of Latin poetry Niall Rudd demonstrates a variety of critical methods and approaches. He shows how it can be fruitful at different times to consider the historical background of a poem, its language or structure, its place in a literary tradition, the role of critical paradigms, and so on.
Print Book, English, 2004
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Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge [u.a.], 2004
XI, 215 S.
9780521611862, 0521611865
Preface; Abbreviations; 1. History: Ovid and the Augustan myth; 2. Idea: Dido's culpa; 3. Imitation: association of ideas in Persius; 4. Tone: poets and patrons in Juvenal's seventh satire; 5. Architecture: theories about Virgil's Eclogues; 6. Theory: sincerity and mask; 7. Translation; Index.