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Holy war, holy peace : how religion can bring peace to the Middle East

Marc Gopin (Author)
War has been made holy by the families of Abraham, and the monotheistic religions of those families, for many centuries. But, argues Marc Gopin, peacemaking was made holy too, through a variety of cultural and religious practices. He argues for a far greater integration of Middle East peace processes with the religious communities of the region..
eBook, English, 2002
Oxford University Press, New York, N.Y., 2002
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9780195146509, 9780199834235, 0195146506, 0199834237
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Part I: Analysis1: The Interaction between Religion and Culture in Peace and Conflict2: Family Myths and Cultural Conflict3: Political and Mythic Interdependencies4: Patterns of Abrahamic Incrimination5: Conflict, Injury, and TransformationPart II: Practical Applications6: Patterns of Abrahamic Reconciliation: Act, Ritual, and Symbol as Transformation7: The Use of the Word and Its Limits: Dialogue as Peacemaking8: Ritual Civility, Moral Practices of Interpersonal Exchange, and Symbolic Communication9: De-escalation Plans and General Steps toward a New Relationship10: Specific Steps toward a New RelationshipNotesBibliographyIndex